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If you are looking for an efficient yet affordable solution for your automotive repairs you don’t need to look any further. Surefix Mechanical is expert in all aspects of car repairs and maintenance. Our diesel mechanics can take care of whatever make or model you drive. Our fully qualified motor mechanics are trained in all aspects of  vehicle engineering and work to the highest standards.
"We are proud to be members of the Institute of automotive mechanical engineers and the Motor Trades Association of Queensland." 
We specialise in the service and repair of vehicle braking systems of all types along with general vehicle servicing to manufacturers specifications. We also offer a complete car air conditioning service using all the latest equipment to test and recharge your vehicles AC system.

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Authorised logbook servicing on the Gold Coast 
If your car is still covered by the manufacturers warranty or an independent guarantee company you may be concerned about how and where it should be serviced. Surefix Mechanical on the Gold Coast is the specialist in logbook servicing. We will ensure that only proprietary and approved parts are used in the service of your warranted vehicle as to conform to the conditions of the guarantee. We will also date stamp the logbook and carry out all the checks as specified by the vehicle makers or the Warranty Company. Don’t risk invalidating your cars guarantee through unauthorised servicing, because the eventual cost of any major out of warranty repairs could prove to be very expensive indeed.


Affordable Car Repair Service in Carrara and Nerang
Most car owners are becoming increasingly aware that recommended service intervals on modern vehicles have been steadily extending over recent years. This is true both in terms of miles covered and the time allowed between routine maintenance checks. This is due in part at least to the massive improvements in the quality of the lubricants used and the longevity of the components involved in motor vehicle manufacture.

If anything this has made routine auto servicing all the more crucial though, not only in terms of warranty protection, but also because the lubricants are more likely to be exhausted by the end of these extended operating periods. Far more worrying however is the need to examine the vehicle for any developing faults that would otherwise remain unchecked and subsequently be left to develop into more serious problems. This could lead not only to unnecessary expense but more alarmingly it also poses possible road safety issues too.

"Here at Surefix Mechanical we never cut corners when it comes to auto servicing. We strongly advise all our customers to keep up with the regular general servicing intervals of their vehicles as specified in the owner’s manual." 
Dealership Scheduled Service 
Manufacturer’s statutory warranty is not affected
Vehicles serviced to log book requirements
Log book stamped
Quality parts and lubricants used
Fixed Price
Standard Service 
Replace oil and oil filter
Under bonnet check
All fluid levels checked and toped up
Cooling system test
Inspect belts and hoses
Test battery and alternator charge rate
Safety inspection
Brake check
Globes and wipers as required
Test drive
Major Service 
Standard service as listed
Replace spark plugs
Replace fuel filter
Replace air filter
Computer scan for fault codes
Ignition system tested
Throttle body and plenum chamber cleanLog book stamped
Engine oil treatments used for every brake service in Nerang
Spark plug manufacturer trusted by the motor mechanic in Nerang
Distributor of genuine quality of filters used by the motor mechanic in Carrara


Complete Brake Repairs for the Nerang Area
Very few drivers would disagree that the brakes are probably the most important item of your cars equipment. Even small family saloons have more than enough horsepower these days to travel well above the legal maximum speed limit. All that metal has to be slowed down and stopped at some point and it’s all reliant on 4 small metal discs and a few square inches of friction material.

Here at Surefix Mechanical, our motor mechanics advise that our customers allow us to check their cars’ brakes during every service. We also advise in the interest of safety not to trust anyone other than a skilled car mechanic to work on their vehicles braking system. It’s a fact that worn or faulty brakes can pose a real danger to drivers and pedestrians alike. 
A brake system check will involve a full visual inspection of all the components including the hydraulic hoses, pads or shoes, drums or discs (rotators) and callipers or wheel cylinders.
"Our skilled diesel mechanics will check for fluid leaks, undue wear and operation of all the moving parts. A typical brake repair could include replacement of the pads or shoes, freeing off seized parts and resurfacing corroded or pitted brake discs."
Manufacturer of disc brake rotors used by the motor Mechanic in Carrara
Dependable brake repairs by the motor mechanic in Nerang


Servicing Car Air Conditioning Systems for Carrara
When the mercury starts to climb we reach for the AC switch and hope that our cars’ air conditioning system still works since the last time we used it. Automotive air conditioning systems are very complex and should only be checked and serviced by a skilled technician. Surefix Mechanical is expert in all aspects of automotive air conditioning servicing including pressure checking and system recharging. Using the most up to date equipment we recover the old gas when we evacuate the system and install the latest lubricated gas to keep your AC system in tip top condition. A special dye is also introduced into the system, which makes any future leaks more easily detectable. We also use Wynn’s air conditioner cleaner during the maintenance process to eliminate fungus build ups, allergic reactions and odour problems.
Car Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance
Old gas recovered
Evacuation of system
System leak tested and assessed
New gas added with lubricating oil
Dye added for future leak testing
Operation pressure and temperatures tested
Wynn's air conditioner cleaner
Eliminates pollen and nicotine residues
Eliminates micro organisms like fungi and bacteria
Prevents allergic reactions
Eliminates bad odours
A name when it comes to air conditioning that the motor mechanic in Carrara trusts
A name when it comes to air conditioning that the motor mechanic in Nerang trusts


Expert engine management diagnostics service on the Gold Coast 
The modern motor car is a very complex machine indeed and the engine management system (ECU) and its baffling array of electronic sensors are crucial to its performance. One poor electrical connection or a faulty sensor can stop a vehicle dead in its tracks. Apart from a visual inspection of the parts that can actually be seen on a modern car there is little else anyone can do to trace problems without the proper equipment.

Correct engine management diagnostics requires some extremely technical fault finding equipment and software. Our technicians can plug their equipment into a cars electrical circuit and interrogate the ECU. A series of fault codes are then used to analyse the collected information and repairs can be affected or any faulty parts can be replaced. It may then sometimes also be necessary to reset the system via the connection with the car’s engine management system.
Here at Surefix Mechanical we are continually updating our technical data to ensure we are right up to date with all the latest systems and the equipment needed to test them.
"Our technicians also attend training courses on a regular basis to ensure that they are familiar with all the latest developments in vehicle diagnostics." 
Partnering the expert works of the motor mechanic of Nerang
Technical data are being updated by the motor mechanic in Carrara


Pre Purchase Inspection in Nerang and Carrara
Mobile Safety Certificates
If you are thinking of selling your car and it’s registered in Queensland you may well need an automotive safety and roadworthy certificate before you can advertise the vehicle for sale. It is also a statutory offense to offer a vehicle for sale without such a certificate if it is required to have one. This includes placing a sign in the window or advertising the sale in any way shape or form.

Surefix Mechanical can carry out a safety check on your vehicle to make sure that all the necessary items conform to the standards laid down by the department of transport. 
Once your vehicle has been issued with the roadworthy certificate, you can advertise it for sale. Any potential buyers have the assurance that at the time of the test there were no safety issues with the vehicle and they are entitled to a pre purchase inspection.
"Buyers and sellers should be aware of course that a safety certificate or roadworthy certificate does not guarantee anything other than the legal road worthiness of the vehicle. It should in no way be taken as an indication of the vehicles overall mechanical condition." 
We offer Pre Purchase Inspections.
Thorough check up done by the expert motor mechanic in Nerang


Automotive transmission flush service in the Gold Coast area
Automatic transmission replacements are an expensive item and one that any car owner would wish to avoid. It is estimated that 90% of all transmission failures are a result of fluid contamination and subsequent overheating. When the transmission is drained during normal servicing only around 40% of the contaminated fluid is taken out. The remainder stays trapped in the valves, pipes and fluid flywheel (torque converter) to mix with the added new fluid when the engine is restarted.

The Wynn’s transmission flush service efficiently removes over 95% of the contaminated transmission fluid leaving only a very small amount of old fluid in the system. Along with the fresh fluid the Wynn’s transmission flush service also adds a conditioning agent, which not only extends the working life of the fluid but also revitalises the many seals and “O” rings inside the gearbox. Using this method at the specified service intervals can greatly extent the life and performance of your automatic transmission.
The benefits of a Wynn’s transmission flush service 
Extends Transmission fluid life
Helps smooth rough, hard shifting problems
Safely removes harmful sludge and varnish deposits
Helps stop and prevent leaks
Removes contaminated fluid from the transmission system
Revitalizes transmission seals and O-rings
Machine used by the motor mechanic in Carrara to clean the oil


Automotive coolant flush on the Gold Coast 
Cooling system failures are one of the main causes of vehicle breakdown and they can prove very costly indeed. Like most problems with the modern motor car a little preventive maintenance can save you a lot of heartache and expense in the long run. Good old fashioned water is no longer good enough for modern vehicles that now run hotter and rely on technically elaborate cooling systems for enhanced economy. Most vehicles require a special coolant that contains among other things a chemical additive called ethylene glycol.

Surefix Mechanical can carry out a complete cooling system check on your car and can affect any repairs that may be necessary. Our Mechanics will check all the hoses, valves, thermostat, and water pump to identify any issues before they become a problem. Water pumps and radiators can become susceptible to leakage and wear caused by corrosion over time. We always pressure test the system and check all the drive belts too. Most cooling systems rely on a thermostatically operated cooling fan system to engage at the right temperature, so the switches and fan motors also need to be tested.
A cooling system service would include 
Check drive belts
Checks leaks: Water pump, radiator, hoses, heater tap, welsh plugs and fittings
Cooling system power flush
Operation of thermostat and cooling fans tested
New ethylene glycol added
Pressure test of cooling system including cap
Test driven


Find power steering servicing on the Gold Coast
Power steering is possibly one of your cars’ components that is mostly neglected and taken for granted. Apart from topping up the fluid reservoir it probably never gets looked at until it stops working properly. Most power steering faults are the result of corrosion and contaminated fluid. Over time the hydraulic fluid in the system can become contaminated and worn out leading to major component failure.

Here at Surefix Mechanical we can check your power steering system for leaks and any signs of wear. Using our specialist equipment and Wynn’s products we are able to flush out the old contaminated fluid and install new. This will extend the life of the major components within the system and fortify the seals thus helping to prevent any fluid leakage.
Common power steering faults 
Heavy steering
Noisy operation
Component failure
Benefits of a power steering service 
Improved steering response
Extended life of components
Conditions seals and prevent leaks
Reduces noise Vibration and stiffness
Noticeably improve steering assistance


Tyre repair s in the Gold Coast area
Here at Surefix Mechanical we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a full range of services for the safe and efficient running of their cars. Along with our specialist brake and general servicing we also offer a wheel and tyre service. Our skilled technicians will check all your wheels and examine your tyres for undue wear and blistering. We will also advise you if any of your tyres are worn beyond the legal limits.
Incorrectly inflated tyres (too high or low pressure) can affect the handling and economy of a car and that’s why we always check all your tyre pressures including the spare when carrying out routine maintenance checks.
"Incorrect wheel alignment is also a major cause of premature tyre wear and can cause the steering to pull from the centre. It is therefore advisable to check alignment whenever new tyres are fitted." 
Car services done by the diesel mechanic in Carrara


You have found the Gold Coast fuel injection service 
Modern motor cars have become increasingly complex over the years and many of their intricate ancillary systems are left neglected until there is a problem with the vehicle. Fuel injection systems are finely balanced to give maximum performance along with the most frugal fuel consumption. Over time the injectors can become partially blocked with carbon and varnish deposits. This can impair the operation of the injectors causing a loss of power and increased fuel consumption.

Surefix Mechanical offers its customers a fuel injection service to restore the system back to its previous efficient levels of operation. The injectors are removed and ultra sonically cleaned to remove any built up deposits. They are also bench tested to ensure that they are delivering the fuel in precisely the right way, which in turn facilitates a more efficient fuel burn in the cylinders of the engine.
Benefits of an injector service 
Easier starting
Restores engine power
Smoother idling
Lower fuel consumption (save on fuel)
Lowers toxic exhaust emissions
Reduces green house gasses
Included in a fuel injection service is 
Fuel pressures tested
Injectors removed and bench tested
Injectors are cleaned in a ultra sonic bath
Injector filters, o rings and pintle caps replaced
Throttle body and plenum chamber clean
Fuel filter replaced

If you want the best service carried out by professional fully skilled mechanics you need to talk to the team at Surefix Mechanical today on  07 5502 0503.

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